Sunday, April 26, 2009

The 0-2 pitch

Here is an article I found on "The Hardball Times" talking about what the proper approach is with an 0-2 pitch. The last article I posted was on pitch counts so this is along the same theme.
Here you go:

Bobble Boy breaks out

I guess Alexi Ramirez didn't get my message asking him to continue his bobbling ways, instead he hit a grand slam helping bury the Jays last night. I don't want to dwell but it shows great character to come back after such a disasterous night and be the hero, too bad it was at the Jays expense. I have to be honest I didn't get to watch the whole game last night but I did get to see Burres pitch 4 innings and needless to say was less than impressed. I think watching Burres struggle really shows what a great job Tallet has done coming into the rotation, he has been good in his starts giving the Jays a chance to win something Burres didn't do last night. But we move on and look to Doc to help win the 6th series to start the season.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bobble Boy

After watching the Jays put the boots to Chicago I had to feel bad for Alexi Ramirez, He must have booted 5 balls. I don't know if the wind was messing with the ball or if he had a case of the bobbles but the guy was a train wreck. Tallet pitched well again showing he can pitch out of jams with the strike out of Thome, which was huge (it did look like a ball though) as the Jays were only up 4 runs at the time. There are a couple of players that are really impressing me and Tallet is one of them, so lets hope he can continue to get the job done until one of our starters gets back into the line up. One last thing, Mr. Ramirez please continue your bobbling ways so you can help the Jays score a couple runs today Jays Nation would appreciated it. THANKS ALEXI!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Moustach Mania

With Brian Tallet on the hill tonight I think it is fitting to pay tribute to the baseball mustache. There have been many great mustaches throughout the years but my personal favorite had to be Rod Beck's beefy handle bar. I give Keith Hernandez a close second.

Rios..... goes...... yard

Well Rios finally hit a home run and on a personal note I have him in my fantasy baseball pool so it was about time. As everyone has heard by now two more Blue Jays pitchers have landed on the DL and it appears that this could be problematic (understatement). Ricky Romero going down was really just a kick in the nuts to the Jays, who had a thin rotation coming into the season. On a positive note Scott Richmond looked good in his second strait start shutting down for the most part a good Rangers offense. I posted yesterday that I really don't have high hopes for this guy and I have been proven wrong so far. Hopefully he keeps it up the Jays are going to need him pitching well until some arms get back into the line up. The man with the greatest mustache in the majors takes the hill tonight in Chicago to hopefully keep the train rolling.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Great article on Baseball counts

Here is a good article breaking down the baseball count. I really dislike when batters swing at the first pitch, it always irritates me. Apparently its a good pitch to swing at, according to the numbers.

Here is the article:

I highly recommend this, its a good read for baseball geeks

B.J. blows again

With the Jays up 3 runs in the 9th I was ready to go bed with a warm feeling that the Jays had another win in the books .... then I remembered B.J. Ryan was our closer. Needless to say one botched double play (compliments of Aaron Hill) and home run later the Jays were headed to extra innings and I lost that warm fuzzy feeling. I have to wonder how many more chances Cito gives this guy, but I guess if he gets back to his old form at some point in the season the Jays will be better off. I really can't imagine B.J. getting much more rope to hang himself with though so I can see a stint on the D.L. ahead. Thanks to one clutch hit by Kevin Millar all was right with the world again and the Jays continued there winning ways. On a side note Rod Barajas had two dingers which makes up for his inability to cash in the tying run the night before, so thanks Rod you are back in my good books. David Purcey put together a decent outing which is huge because the Jays need this guy not to be bad, Scott Richmond follows him in the rotation and I really don't have high hopes for him.
here is a link to the box score and video: