Friday, April 24, 2009

Rios..... goes...... yard

Well Rios finally hit a home run and on a personal note I have him in my fantasy baseball pool so it was about time. As everyone has heard by now two more Blue Jays pitchers have landed on the DL and it appears that this could be problematic (understatement). Ricky Romero going down was really just a kick in the nuts to the Jays, who had a thin rotation coming into the season. On a positive note Scott Richmond looked good in his second strait start shutting down for the most part a good Rangers offense. I posted yesterday that I really don't have high hopes for this guy and I have been proven wrong so far. Hopefully he keeps it up the Jays are going to need him pitching well until some arms get back into the line up. The man with the greatest mustache in the majors takes the hill tonight in Chicago to hopefully keep the train rolling.

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