Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bobble Boy breaks out

I guess Alexi Ramirez didn't get my message asking him to continue his bobbling ways, instead he hit a grand slam helping bury the Jays last night. I don't want to dwell but it shows great character to come back after such a disasterous night and be the hero, too bad it was at the Jays expense. I have to be honest I didn't get to watch the whole game last night but I did get to see Burres pitch 4 innings and needless to say was less than impressed. I think watching Burres struggle really shows what a great job Tallet has done coming into the rotation, he has been good in his starts giving the Jays a chance to win something Burres didn't do last night. But we move on and look to Doc to help win the 6th series to start the season.

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