Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blue Jays Win, Blue Jays Win!

I would be the first to say you should not get excited in April when your team is in first place, But I am excited. The radio tells me not to be, sports writers tell me not to be, but I don't want to listen. Coming into the season things were not looking good for the Jays, the rotation was decimated by the loss of Burnett, McGowan and Marcum and the Jays were looking at a long season where most were calling for 90 losses. But with a 10-4 start and there pitching staff holding it together, there is call for optimism. To be realistic the Jays have started the season against AL Central teams which they had a good record against last year, but they are winning the games they need to win. Ricky Romero had his 3rd quality start in a row winning his second game of the year, which is a pleasant surprise considering the Jays lost their #2 starter Jesse Litsch to injury and David Purcy is struggling to find his game. Vernon Wells isn't having his usual slow start (I can't say the same for Alex Rios) and Aaron Hill leads the team with a .357 batting average. So in August the Jays may be #4 in the AL East where most say they belong, but today they are in first, and I am excited.

Here is a good article on Ricky Romero from Yahoo Sports:;_ylt=AhfWGATS1WgNAkG9RM8qHSq5bZ8u?urn=fantasy,157405

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