Thursday, April 23, 2009

B.J. blows again

With the Jays up 3 runs in the 9th I was ready to go bed with a warm feeling that the Jays had another win in the books .... then I remembered B.J. Ryan was our closer. Needless to say one botched double play (compliments of Aaron Hill) and home run later the Jays were headed to extra innings and I lost that warm fuzzy feeling. I have to wonder how many more chances Cito gives this guy, but I guess if he gets back to his old form at some point in the season the Jays will be better off. I really can't imagine B.J. getting much more rope to hang himself with though so I can see a stint on the D.L. ahead. Thanks to one clutch hit by Kevin Millar all was right with the world again and the Jays continued there winning ways. On a side note Rod Barajas had two dingers which makes up for his inability to cash in the tying run the night before, so thanks Rod you are back in my good books. David Purcey put together a decent outing which is huge because the Jays need this guy not to be bad, Scott Richmond follows him in the rotation and I really don't have high hopes for him.
here is a link to the box score and video:

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