Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bobble Boy

After watching the Jays put the boots to Chicago I had to feel bad for Alexi Ramirez, He must have booted 5 balls. I don't know if the wind was messing with the ball or if he had a case of the bobbles but the guy was a train wreck. Tallet pitched well again showing he can pitch out of jams with the strike out of Thome, which was huge (it did look like a ball though) as the Jays were only up 4 runs at the time. There are a couple of players that are really impressing me and Tallet is one of them, so lets hope he can continue to get the job done until one of our starters gets back into the line up. One last thing, Mr. Ramirez please continue your bobbling ways so you can help the Jays score a couple runs today Jays Nation would appreciated it. THANKS ALEXI!

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